I started my training into photography at Focal Point in 2008. With such mentors as Ian Mcguffie and Alex Hayward Waterhouse, i began my love affair with portraiture and soon followed up with advanced lighting courses at Langara College. In 2012 i assisted for such celebrity photographers as Lionel Deluy and Patrick Hoelck. I currently live on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, California. 


Photography for me is a reflection of life. An emotional connection between subject and viewer. Every image should convey that feeling when it was taken. From an alluring portrait to a breathtaking landscape, a photograph is the connection between sight and soul.


I specialize in 3 main fields. My first love is Portraits from Celebrity, Artist, to Personal. I also shoot High-End Architectural working with Developers, Real Estate Firms, Hotels, and Commercial Properties all over the city. Last but not least my favorite projects are Commercial Fashion Campaigns from numerous boutiques and fashion lines across the Westcoast. 

Current Location